When I get a tinge of Bronchitis, or some other ailment that starts getting into my lungs, I make an herbal “medicine tea.” It’s gritty, and strong-tasting, but, I can usually head-off a wicked sickness drinking this 4-6 times a day, with some buttered toast, or some other lipid-containing food.

In a 16-ounce mug, I add 2 Green Tea bags, a tea-ball filled with chopped, fresh Rosemary, and Thyme from my garden, a teaspoon of ground ginger (or fresh if I have some), and 2 teaspoons of Turmeric.
Pour over with water brought to a boil, and allowed to cool off for a minute or two.
Sweeten with honey.

— The Green Tea is just good and good for you.
— The Rosemary and Thyme contain Thymol and other compounds that boost resistance to bacterial invaders and viruses, and help clear the lungs. Best fresh, but dried is OK– crush it up.
— The Ginger is aromatic, and the steam opens up the nasal, and air passages. It eases “sick tummy,” and reduces inflammation and spasms in tissues.
— The Turmeric is the most important ingredient– It’s for extra grit, and to make you poop yellow for days!

Actually, Turmeric– that unused spice in the rack, is an amazing spice. It IS gritty, but, it contains Cucurmin (it’s pretty much the sole-source on the planet), which is broadly known to stop the Cytokyne Storm that leads to pneumonia, especially good when it can attach to some lipids. I think if most people look back at those lung ailments in their past, they will all agree that there is a point when one knows the infection is raging, when the Cytokynes kick in, and when the whole thing just switches over to nasty, hard-to-cough-up, greenish, pus-y, cytokyne goo (cytokynes are a major component of pus [man– that word, pus, is just so incredibly descriptive– gah!]).

The infection is going to run its course, that’s given– it got through, and it WILL start to set-up shop, so the Thymol is there to help limit it. The Turmeric is added right at that point when you feel the Cytokynes flooding in (lungs start feeling heavier, less “burning” feeling, “Rails” start developing [that “lungs as water-bong” effect when you inhale sharply– like when you laugh]). The body has a GREAT “Alert System,” and gets those Cytokynes where they need to be, but the body’s “All Clear” system is really not so good. So, the Turmeric is there to tell to stop. The Cytokynes are needed to stop the infection, we just need to tell the Factory to stop producing them, and that the front is secured.

Of course, if I get sicker, or the problem gets worse, I get to a doctor right away. But, there is nothing in this tea that interferes with anything (that I know of) that a doctor might prescribe. Mucinex(tm) works better in conjunction with this tea.

And then there is homemade Chicken Soup.

UPDATE: Oh, gosh, I logged in to leave this as a comment to the “Mommy, I Don’t Feel So Good” post, below. I just thought the comments interface had changed… Imagine my surprise to see it here! **blush** But, this IS a really good tea to drink when you know that that cold or flu is heading for your lungs.


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  • At 2009.05.04 19:45, Kate Petersen said:

    We luvs ya no matter where you post. :)

    I didn’t know that about turmeric and pneumonia. I’ve only had pneumonia once but I am prone to bronchitis. Next time I get it, I am so making MF’s Miracle Tea.

    • At 2009.05.04 21:53, drchelo said:

      This is a significant enough home remedy to deserve its own diary! Interesting take on the Flood of the Cytokines…I’ll have to check the immunology literature on that!
      Any good tea with enough honey is a good home remedy!

      • At 2009.05.05 14:28, Scotia said:

        Great explanation, mf, and worthy of a diary.
        Thanks and I think I’ll start using at least 1 cup every day. Eastern Indians sometimes use the turmeric and honey in hot water every day just to keep the “bugs” away. Also for a sore throat gargle.
        I also use heat to kill the bugs. Run a bath with as hot water as you can stand, add herbs of your choice, emerge yourself for about 30-45 minutes. Add candles and soft music for a delightful experience. At least some of the bugs will die with the elevate body temp. And you will just feel better.
        Yep, I’ve had the worst-bacterial pneumonia. The first few days all I could do was sleep and literally crawl to the bathroom to pee. I got to the Dr’s on the third day and my temp was 105. They did some jumpin’ around then! (I was living alone and just didn’t think or couldn’t think by the time I was so sick)

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