Hello, Ms. Scotia. I suppose I could have left a comment instead of a post, but what fun would that be? Besides, I wanted to be sure you got my holiday greetings …

There isn’t that much new here. I’m still teaching, except teaching even more these days and teaching courses I’ve never taught before, which is a challenge.

Gardening’s been a bust, thanks to the weather. The record cold of last winter and record heat of last summer wiped my gardens out, except the peonies and everything I’ve planted for the bees and butterflies, and the fennel. Lemongrass and raspberries didn’t survive, however, which has been somewhat catastrophic for me. I depend on them. Although I now have rosemary and basil growing in one of the bathrooms in winter and moved to the sunroom when it warms up.

And cooking’s about the same, with some twists. I’m now *all* about coconut oil. My new favorite quick and easy dinner is a baked sweet potato with coconut oil, chipotle and whatever catches my fancy.

I’m also now *all* about Malbec wine. Drink it every night, have been cooking liver and chicken and pasta sauces and everything else in it.

Oh, yea, and mushrooms. I’ve always loved them, but I’m totally and completely all about them these days. And eggplant.

And I’ve finally figured out how to make a killer hummus at home.

I won’t talk about the bursitis that’s now migrated into both hips. Damn …

So what about you? How are you doing? What’s new, old friend?


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  • At 2012.01.03 20:49, Scotia said:

    My Dear biscuit,

    I have thought about you this year and Kate too and hoped you were both doing well. I just had to take a break. Lost a friend of 12 years to melanoma in November and another adopted a baby girl and 5 days later the father took her back. Just had to think about life for awhile.

    You are teaching (still enjoy it?) and Sweetie is a paraeducator in a middle school this school year. The kids are great. We’ve been to a talent show and a holiday show that made me cry, it was so beautiful.

    We’ve been teaching cooking classes and cooking dinners for our local homeless camp (30 or so members) once a month. It has taught me alot about life. Our garden has been prolific this year. Funny how that works – one part has a bad year and one part a really good year? Leafy stuff, leafy green lettuce, collards, kale, escarole. spinach, broccoli rabe, arugula, chard (picked some last weekend), carrots, golden beets, lemon cukes, green cukes, sweet peas, green beans, tomatoes (got the last in late Oct and let them sit until red and made the bestest fresh tomato sauce evah!)

    Now we have herbs to take care of thru the winter. With the local farmer’s market and the local fish monger, it is all good.

    Sweetie’s daughter came in July and is coming back this week for a few days. We love to have her here.

    We have actually gone off commercial products. No detergents, cleaning products, hair or body products. It is really liberating to just go and make some shampoo and conditioner instead of buying it for $$$. I actually use some coconut oil in my concoctions!

    Yes, old age has crept up on us too. Various ailments, arthritis and the unique thing my Mother left me – fibroid tumors in the arches of my feet and the palms of my hands, sweet!

    I’m happy with your hummus! I love (as you can see from my recipes over the last few years) to find a good recipe and make it better and better or make up a good recipe.

    How are the critters? Still making homemade food?

    I really miss you all, old friend.

    Here’s to a happy 2012.


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