Last night, I drank a bottle of wine. I was having so much fun and the wine (a malbec) was going down so easily that I didn’t realize just how many glasses I’d been through until much too late.

Which wouldn’t be a problem except I don’t drink that often, and I’m now suffering the dulled mind, pounding heart and slightly bloated after-effects.

Even worse, I’m hungry.

The good news is, last week at the grocery, I managed to find some good potatoes—butter potatoes, no less. And I have the most evil of all the cooking utensils: a microwave.

So, I’ve just now thrown a very large potato into the microwave for 7 minutes, give or take 4-5 minutes, and when it’s done, I’ll drench it in Bragg Liquid Aminos (the salt of choice in this household), olive oil, garlic, fresh rosemary from the living room (yes, I have rosemary growing in the living room) and lots of gorgonzola dolce, my newest addiction.

And, once I’ve feasted on my dolled up potato and a pot or two of much too strong coffee with milk, I will be ready to face Saturday. I hope.



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