Certain ISPs are very, very bad about blocking emails from any domain that they consider suspicious in any way. Some of them, notably roadrunner and sbcglobal.net, go so far as to block any domain from which you have never before received email.

If you register and don’t receive a confirming email within an hour, make sure that your email program is set to whitelist email from both *@politicook.net and *@politicook.org. Then go to the login screen, enter your user name and click on “Lost your password?” to have it emailed to you.

If all else fails, email me directly: Kate at jazz-cooking dot com, give me a few minutes, and I will manually reset your password to “password” so you can get logged in without an email.

Sorry about that. Have I mentioned lately how much I hate spammers and what we have to do to protect ourselves from them?

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