7 Best Budget Santoku Knife In 2022

Looking for a kitchen knife that’s extremely versatile? While the knife they work with is ignored by many people, it can make a huge difference. The perfect knife can help you make accurate cuts and can be used to perfectly cook a wide variety of foods. Luckily, the Best Budget Santoku Knife can act as the ideal companion for the kitchen.

Santoku knives are a Japanese type of general purpose knife. The term “santoku” in English loosely translates to “three virtues” or “three uses,” which is a reference to the three primary purposes of slicing, dicing, and mincing of the knife. These are the three key tasks performed especially well by the Santoku.

Best Budget Santoku knives are made of stainless steel and have a sheep shoot blade, as they are called. There is just a small curve in the blade and it is perfect as the knife steadily goes forward and vertically chops. This sort of cutting action provides the knife with great power and the knife will become a universal utensil in the kitchen until the customer gets a hang of it.

In this post, we will cover some of the best Santoku knives available on the market today for purchase and which one will suit you and your cutting board best.

Top 7 best budget Santoku knives

Since they are very robust and lightweight, Santoku knives are very easy to work with. They are also incredibly flexible and would be a perfect addition to any kitchen. Based on the choices of consumers and seasoned chefs, we have evaluated and analyzed some of the best items on the market. Explanatory details about the top 7 best Santoku knives on Amazon are available here. Only go through them and you’ll be able to find the best budget Santoku knife:

  1. Misono UX10 Santoku Knife

Misono UX10 Santoku

This knife is fine in all respects, except that it has a slightly heavier build and is a little pricier. It is an expensive knife, but to secure it, it comes with a lifetime warranty. The knife was made of Swedish stainless steel that offers excellent edge retention over the blade’s entire life. Although the blade is still very thin, it is still well balanced and robust.

It is made of high carbon Swedish steel and is a Japanese knife. It’s smooth, flexible and amazingly sharp.

The blade has a complete tang that follows through the handle and 3 complete rivets are held together. There is an agronomic shape on the synthetic handle that fits well in the hand and is simple to control. Although still being straight edged, the tip of the blade is single beveled, which provides excellent tip sharpness.

There is an Asymmetrical bevel in the Misono UX10 Santoku knife, which makes it beautiful and also makes it a more powerful blade. It is easier to steer knives which are asymmetrical.

Composite handles are more sturdy and convenient than many other knife handle making materials used.

There is a composite handle on the Misono UX10 Santoku knife, so you can use it for hours without feeling awkward or injuring yourself.

The triple-riveted nickel is another feature which promotes the durability of the handle.

The knife comes with a high price tag and our job is to help you decide if it is worth the price of the Misono UX10 Santoku or whether it is only overpriced.

Anyone who spends between $200 and $250 on a knife hopes that it will last a lifetime and be 100% resistant to rust.

  • Rust-immune

  • Ergonomic handle

  • Razor-sharp

  • Great edge retention

  • Expensive
  1. Zelite Infinity Santoku Knife

Are you searching for a premium-built and top-quality knife that is staggeringly stunning as well? You would want tools that you can take great pride in if you’d like to get active in the kitchen. Both great layout and functionality, they should shape the fine equilibrum.

Zelite Infinity Santoku Knife

This is a knife deserving of demonstration and appreciation. Its ultimate charm is distinctive and undoubtedly expected to earn glances from audience members. This knife totally deserves a spot on your kitchen worktop or showcase cabinet with its ornamental display.

It is mainly remembered for its outstanding output, apart from its attractiveness. It has a mixture of characteristics that makes it a desirable choice.

High-performance razors are the most appealing aspect of this knife. The 67-layer high carbon stainless steel VG10 Super Steel Japanese Take blends well with a hollow ground blade. With modern knives offering a non-stick base, this is a unique feature.

On this high-performance knife, the artistically rounded handle is crafted tactfully and with outstanding precision. Specifically, the ergonomic design is targeted at your comfort. The design enables the handle of this blade to be easily wrapped in your hands, allowing you complete control of the knife ‘s motion.

The triple riveted mechanism secures this knife’s handle to the blade securely. This reduces the possibility of detaching or falling loose from the handle.

It should be remembered that, if not handled properly, this knife is vulnerable to rust. This implies that it requires a little extra love and treatment. Rusting will, however, after use, be stopped from thoroughly washing and drying it. But overall, it is the Best santoku knife.

  • High Quality

  • Well balanced

  • Long lasting if properly maintained

  • Comfortable to use

  • Lifetime warranty

  • Rust-prone
  1. Shun DM0702 Classic 7-Inch Santoku Knife

There seem to be people using knives to cut vegetables, and then there is someone who cares about cooking skills.

In almost every way that a knife should be, this instrument is the cream of the crop. It is a very expensive knife, but a lifetime warranty comes with it to protect you. Any job that comes its way can be done by this lightweight and versatile knife.

Shun DM 0702 Classic 7 inch Santoku Knife

This best cheap Santoku knife is one of the most effective kitchen tools I’ve come across that helps you beautifully with just about everything including dicing, slicing, hulling, mincing, and dicing.

With such powerful and unparalleled efficiency, this standard kitchen knife is a high-end instrument.

Made of layered Damascus steel, the hand-forged knife features an authentic Tsuchime finish.

The blade does not drag on the surface, with a superior quality finish, and does not stick to sliced food bits.

More rounded than straight, the shape of the blade is very similar to western knives that provide a rocking motion when chopping.

Even the beautiful wooden handle from Pakka is ergonomically built to improve the knife’s overall look and feel.

The cutting of vegetables and slicing meat would be child’s play with ergonomic handles and hand-hammered edges. The blade does not, however, stick to the cut food, making a more flexible and versatile chopping operation.

Plus, this best chef’s knife is lightweight, nimble, and elegant nature allows for clear, accurate cuts for a better, faster cut.

  • Provide 16-degree chopping angle

  • Very versatile

  • Non-sticky

  • Firm grip

  • Very pricey

  • Not safe to dish-wash

  1. Yoshihiro VG-10 Damascus Santoku Knife

The spectacular standard of Damascus steel is internationally celebrated.

Damascus Santoku knives, obtained through the conventional Japanese process of hammering layers, are really a class of their own.

Yoshihiro VG 10 Damascus Santoku Multipurpose Japanese Chef Knife

From top to bottom, this seven-inch santoku knife is absolutely stunning. It comes at a fair price that is still over $100, which for some people might be too pricey, but it does not come with a guarantee to protect it.

This Damascus Santoku knife has a VG-10 Japanese stainless steel triple layer design. In the sense that it has the highest edge retention and edge sharpness over all other materials, VG-10 is among the top stainless steel ones. The blade has a hammered 16-layer finish that is perfect for ease of slicing into food such as meat cheese and butter.

The knife has a complete tang that passes through the handle of the mahogany and is connected with 3 simple rivets. The knob has also been curved and gives the knife adequate balance in order to fit securely in your palm.

You should spend in the Yoshihiro HDSA18 if you want the Santoku knife with original Damascus steel. It’s costly too, but at a premium, outstanding artistry and optimum quality follow.

  • Full tang

  • Bright finish

  • Excellent balance

  • Highly comfortable

  • Easy to use

  • Gorgeous aesthetics

  • Expensive blade
  1. Global Hollow Ground Santoku Knife

In the cutlery market, it is well known that global knives are top quality.

This best-budget santaku knife is a bit different from some of the other knives, and while they can be dangerous, many seem to like it. The knife is very expensive, but it is insured by a lifetime warranty.

Global Santoku Hollow Ground Knife

The blade and knife are a sturdy piece of high quality stainless steel that has been constructed. The knife does not have a handle, instead it is built into the knife, which can be risky because the knife can get wet without a real grip.

To mimic a grip that is easy to hold, the grip has multiple dimple prints. With little to no additional sharpening needed over time, the blade is very sharp and holds the edge very well.

This Santoku knife’s sleek and modern style is sure to look fantastic in any kitchen. This is one knife that you would want to hold close to hand for sure. You will become a kitchen samurai in no time, because of the beautiful balance between the handle and the blade.

The Global Knives including Global 7 “Hollow Ground Santoku Knife G 80 appears to get dull quickly, it should be noted. It implies that you should be prepared to do plenty of sharpening. This knife, however, is so clever and stylish that you will certainly enjoy preserving it.

This Santoku Knife Set is probably for you if you have smaller hands. It’s cleverly planned, easy to use, and built to last. We don’t recommend the model for customers with large hands, be that as it may. Hence, it is the best low cost budget Santoku knife.

  • Affordable

  • Comes with lifetime warranty

  • Extra-sharp

  • Great edge retention

  • Loose grip

  1. PAUDIN Super Sharp Kitchen Santoku Knife

Are you really looking for a Santoku knife that’s really going to turn heads? The blade needs to be very sharp and strong, of course, but how about style? The PAUDIN 3.5 Inch Kitchen Knife’s blade comes with a trendy design that makes it really stand out.

Santoku Knife Kitchen Knife High carbon stainless steel

For improved toughness, the precision forged blade is made from top-grade German steel. It is particularly tough and will not bend, chip, or stain. It also comes with a special coating that is highly rust resistant.

This knife comes with an elegant, ergonomically crafted wooden handle. Having a good grip will not be a challenge, even if your hands are wet or sticky. It would be the best match for small hands since this model measures just 3.5 inches.

This blade has been crafted specifically to preserve its sharpness at all times. This implies that very often you would not need to sharpen it. Due to continuous sharpening, there would be no need to worry about marring the perfect pattern.

A knife this stylish and useful takes a little care, of course. Although the PAUDIN 3.5 Inch Kitchen Knife is not safe for dishwashing, it can be washed by hand quickly and easily. It is compatible with dish detergent, and all that’s required is a quick wipe and a rub with a dry cloth.

  • Best for paring work.

  • Perfect for small hands.

  • Anti-rust coating.

  • Delivers smooth cuts

  • Dishwashing is not safe
  1. Mac Superior Santoku Knife

In the traditional silverware market, Mac is a highly respected brand.

Their models are recognized for enduring even a generation of repeated use, given they are adequately cared for.

A quality knife is nearly a must for any chef if you want to get the best out of your kitchen.

Made from lightweight, high-carbon stainless steel, this Mac Santoku knife offers excellent balance. It also provides an extra sharp blade and excellent retention of knife edges. The knife has a complete tang that matches the downward blade and is protected by three simple rivets against the handle.

Mac Knife Superior Santoku Knife

The handle is made of pakka wood with a glossy finish and a contoured handle that is comfortable and simple to handle.

It slices steadily and accurately so that each chef can easily develop their imagination and cutting skills.

For different cooking tasks, we suggest the Mac SK-65 as the best Santoku knife. It arrives and stays sharp, all while offering a highly satisfying experience of cutting, dicing, and slicing.

This Mac knife, with its balance, strong blade steel, and comfortable handle, won’t disappoint, whether you’re a professional or simply someone who loves to cook.

  • Full tang

  • Contoured handles

  • Sharp blade

  • Holds an edge well

  • Feels good in hand

  • Comes in a pretty box

  • Too much expensive

  • No bolster


To conclude, it will seem like you have a lot of time to consider which best budget Santoku knife is perfect for you.

With any of the suggested versions, we’re sure it can do your cooking justice, saving you time and effort on the method.

So when the time came basically none of these knives will fail. All of them are made by trusted manufacturers who are well known, reputable, and have always been around. They make other cheaper santoku knives, but they won’t last as long as these knives, actually, because they will last forever. End up spending extra money, whatever you do, and get the most attractive knife that will never let you down.

Our Top Pick is the Mac Superior Santoku Knife for cash; this item has an original and firm handle for buyers with an elegant appearance at a fair price.

Do not hesitate; quickly share this article with family and friends so that everyone can have beneficial experiences with the renovation process of the kitchen!

We also hope that you find this article helpful, and hope that all the questions you have about Santoku knives have been answered.


What is a Santoku Knife best used for?

The Santoku Knife has historically been used for slicing fish, mincing meat and dicing vegetables. This is why the Santoku is the most common kitchen knife in Japan for general purposes.

So, generally speaking, it is a multi-purpose kitchen knife that covers numerous tasks.

What is the best brand of Santoku knife?

Many brands make well-designed santoku knives, so it can be very tough to choose only one. Tatara, Shun, Mercer Culinary and Zelite Infinity are some of the brands renowned for their excellent products. These are brands that manufacture the most excellent cutting instruments made from premium materials and technologies.

Are Santoku knives any good?

Cutting, slicing, and mincing are the best activities for which each santoku knife can be used. This is because their blades are designed for these operations to be extra sharp. The santoku knife cannot be used for the peeling of vegetables or fruits or for the cutting of bones and bread.

What is the best affordable chef knife?

The best budget-friendly knife that offers consistency at an unbeatable value is a chef’s knife from Victorinox. The 8-inch blade is made of lightweight European steel, and in a rocking motion, its long, sloping shape is suitable for chopping and mincing. For an better grip, this knife has a non-slip ergonomic handle, and it will be a perfect first chef’s knife for new cooks.

How do I choose a Santoku knife?

It is prudent to get a knife that was made with the very best materials when selecting a new santoku knife. You could opt to go with material of lower quality, but you are likely to go through several of these knives. So, make sure there are high-quality materials for the knife. It is safer to try to buy one that comes with some sort of manufacturer’s warranty or a promise to protect your knife from harm or defects to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. Plus, you must also look at the sharpness, layout, and design. An ergonomic handle that is as robust as the blade should also come with the knife.

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