5 Best Chip Carving Knives

Best Chip Carving KnivesA creative and satisfying way to exploit wood is Chip Carving. Basic woodworking devices, diligence, and a little bit of time on your side are everything you need.

A pretty old artistic hobby is chip carving. Even after the early men began creating decorative art-work; some researchers ever say that chip carving has been around. This is mainly because simple tools and a piece of wood are all that is needed for chip carving.

The form of wood carving that allows you to concentrate on fine details is chip carving. You should pay close attention to any minor cut that is patient, whether you’re practicing on a rosette or some other chip carving task. This is when you come to know how crucial it is to have razor-sharp instruments.

You really ought to consider having one of these Best Chip Carving Knives if you are the sort of person who likes to work with his hands, particularly carpentry.

There are several ways to support woodworking and one of them is by using the wood carving and chipping most suitable knives.

Even so, the following is the best overview of wood carving knives. There are several collections of types and combinations, and we evaluate most of the leading brands to help you determine which type suits you well.

We planned to make an article about the five best wood carving knives

that we might place our hands-on. Let’s hope, on your journey, our results will help you out.

Top 5 Best Chip Carving Knives in 2022

I searched up and did a whole study of knives with characteristics such as price, razor-sharp, keep the fine edge, the knife with a convenient handle, premium quality, confirmed seller warranty, and that’s why this analysis of carving knives is the most truthful you can learn about the best chip carving knife. 

  1. BeaverCraft Cutting and Whittling Knife – Best for Beginners

I was very curious since I first saw the BeaverCraft knife, not so much because of its unique nature but simply because it is a possibility the best-known brand in chip carving among pros and newcomers.

BeaverCraft Cutting Knife

BeaverCraft is a European manufacturer and, for many years, this brand will be my obvious preference.

The blade is securely connected to the handle, which is made of natural linseed oil-covered ashwood. When it comes, the knife would have a little chemical smell, something that is retained after processing, but it fades in a day or two.

The knife’s total length is roughly 6.3 inches. This and the fine pointed blade make it simple to work and do the precise carving in small spaces.

For any form of chopping, this beavercraft chip carving knife incorporates a carbon steel blade with correctly hardened stiffness with a sharpened blade for use straight out of the box.

With this knife comes a convenient ergonomic wooden handle. The handle is made of oak and treated with linseed oil of natural origin. You won’t feel stressed with this convenient handle after use.

For tougher stock withdrawal, dealing with both soft- and hardwood, the rounded durable angle is perfect. This knife is particularly comfortable with some bonus features: the blades are well sharpened and does not require many challenges to get honed easily. Also, for both right- and left-handed, the knife arrangement makes it fun to use.

With this knife, there is a lot of information that is offered. “In the form of printed books, it contains” 5 Simple Steps to Hone a Hook Knife,” “How to Avoid Knives From Corrosion, “and” How to Sharpen the Wood Carving Knife”.

For those interested in trying their hand at a new passion, the C2 Wood Carving Bench Knife is excellent. For particular woodworking, it is a simple knife that is perfect. While having the desired effect on the wood that you are working on, you will learn how to control a carving knife appropriately. As you cut, the straight blade also makes you preserve stability

  • Very sharp

  • Perfect build

  • Appropriate for right- and left-handed users

  • The handle of ash wood is coated with natural oil,

  • Ideal for a wide range of styles of wood carving

  • The Low Price

  • Great knife for beginners

  • Easy to use

  • May be handle is too small for some users

  • Not recommended for kids

  • Inappropriate for big hands


  1. FLEXCUT KN115 Carving Knives – Set of 3 knives

For several years now, Flexcut has been on the market. They are renowned for delivering high – quality. But maybe the price would strike. That is the next step in woodworking, in other terms, but not the first one for sure.

FLEXCUT KN115 Carving Knives Chip Carving Set

Their KN15 model is an effective chip carving knife. This wood carving knife is ready for use and, from the very start, does not require extra honing. Thanks to a razor-sharp blade, the chip carving tool slices effortlessly into the wood. You might also try working with your knife on an oak. The blade form helps you to quickly take out large chips.

This best chip carving set comes with three sharp blades.

Flexcut ‘s original chip carving knife, which is the primary knife. The mini chip carving knife and skew knife are the other two knives that I will study. For general chip cuts, the basic chip carving knife is perfect and is a pleasure to work with. The handle is ash and is designed to minimize pressure on the hand ergonomically.

The high carbon steel blade comes out of the box sharply and can take on hardwoods like mahogany to make unique designs that would be worthy of any professional craftsman.

For extremely accurate and intricate chip cuts, the mini chip carving knife is fine. The sharp blade of high carbon steel is great at making intricate woodcuts. The grip is broad and convenient and is intended for long-term use. However, for the consumer, there is no data about this knife.

Similar to the other instruments, the skew knife has an ash handle that has been peeled to clean texture. The blade is made of high carbon steel and comes out of the box with a sharp razor.

Particularly when the workspace is small, the skew knife is ideal for making vertical cuts. To assist you in creating vertical cuts, the pointed edge and sharp blade are precisely angled.

So what we might conclude about the best price flexcut chip carving knives set, for some people it is quite a good knife, although I said it almost ideal for beginners as trying to talk about my expertise, you can skip knives that can damage you as a novice since you see how stressful it is to slash yourself repeatedly.

But unless you’re just a professional chip carver, you want to endorse manufacturers of USA Chip Carving and you need a pretty good carbon steel knife, I believe for your next investment, the Flexcut Chip Carving Knife seems to be a very good choice. However, it is the best quality chip carving knives.

  • Quality blades of high carbon steel

  • Handles of Ergonomic Ash

  • Involves gold compound polishing

  • Excellent range for chip carving and rescue projects

  • No strop

  1. Two Cherries Long Chip Knife

Two Cherries makes a full line of premium quality chip carving knives. These knives are manufactured to the very same high quality as the rest of the carving instruments of the Two Cherries and are accessible as a package or individually.

Two Cherries Long Chip Knife

It is no doubt a value chip carving knife with a flat blade edge & a shorter Hornbeam lacquered handle. For specialized carving applications & ventures, it’s a fantastic knife. This knife is crafted with great workmanship, hand-forged from top-quality German steel. For your woodworking & whittling needs, it is a special chip carving knife!

I found the great German chip carving knives consistency and edge efficiency when I first brought it to my side, which was difficult to replace.

There is outstanding consistency in the material of the knife and handle, the knife itself is made of high-strength steel and the handle was crafted of hornbeam. The logo is Two Cherries, and you can erase it quickly.

Another important fact is that this knife needs to be sharpened and honed before use and you have to do it daily to maintain it as sharp as feasible.

The knife itself is not as large as you might imagine, but it has a tiny grip as well. If you have small hands, it’s great. The greatest thing about this knife is that it’s perfect for precise work.

As the edge angle is already fine, it is easy to sharpen. With a fine ceramic handle, you can finish the edge and it’ll be scalpel-sharp. I would recommend it to someone who is just beginning his chip carving journey and doesn’t want to spend too much on his first cutting knife.

This swiss chip carving knife’s construction is high-quality steel and a durable handle is crafted of surprisingly good wood, but there’s still an opposite side of the coin to that coin, if you practice without gloves, it’s slippery and the grip itself is nice, as I said if you have large hands, it can be quite difficult to use, but cheap cost and guarantee for this product will make it a good option for carving devices.

  • Great quality

  • Cheap price

  • Nice Packaging

  • Small grip
  1. Flexcut Beginner Palm & Knife Set KN600

Flexcut is a brand that is renowned for producing high-quality wood carving knives. UJ Ramelson is proud to give this range of carving knives that offers a choice of a few of the essential tools for beginners to carve wood.

Flexcut Beginner Palm & Knife

Start with a well-selected set of quality instruments, and it becomes more fun to carve effortlessly. Mixed Palm and Knife sets from Flexcut merge the most common palm tools and carving knives from Flexcut. These are excellent quality American Made carving instruments with convenient wooden handles and 1095 Spring Steel blades, honed to a razor edge at the warehouse.

For those who are just moving into carving, mixed palm and knife sets are ideal with a toolset that will have a wide range of capabilities. We were very pleased with the sustained success and consistency of the Flexcut carving tools. These instruments are made by people who care for their integrity. Thus, it is the best chip carving tools.

Each instrument is equipped with a sharp and ready-to-use razor. The KN12 Cutting Knife, KN13 Detail Knife, FR307 V-Tool, and FR306 Gouge are included in the package.

This carving collection features the most famous palm tools & knives from Flexcut. It comprises an all-purpose cutting knife plus a detail knife to carve the finest details for close work & carving. The two palm instruments provide excellent cutting control and are suitable for small projects such as sketches, walking sticks, and tableware. The blades are made of High Carbon Spring Steel, HRC 59-61 Tempered.

Lastly, this chip carving knife set proves to be the best choice for beginners.

  • Sharp knives

  • Well balanced

  • Premium quality

  • Durable

  • Expensive but money that worth it
  1. Kirschen 3358000 Carving Knife 

Kirschen is a globally renowned manufacturer of outstanding instruments. The company, based in Germany, is a family-owned company that has been producing advanced instruments for around 150 years. We are proud to bring their bench chisels along with many of their specialized carving instruments, both individually and in packs. You can understand why German tool manufacturing is so famous for its accuracy, elegance, and reverence for lineage when you use a Kirschen knife.

Kirschen 3358000 Carving Knife

Kirschen Chip Carving Knives are fully prepared-to-use, sharpened carving knives with hornbeam handles crafted from stainless steel. They are also suitable for rattan trimming.

The Kirschen chip carving knife is manufactured of rare carbon steel. The hardness of the blade is between 59 and 61 HRc and the blades are pre-sharpened. The blade should be honed on a whetstone again before initial usage to achieve its final sharpness. Chip carving knives are also used for adornments or intarsia in chip carving.

I would suggest it to someone who is just beginning his chip carving journey and doesn’t want to invest too much on his first cutting knife. This hock chip carving knife is thus the perfect choice for both professional and beginners.

  • Excellent quality

  • Razor-sharp blade

  • Durable

  • Anti-slippery

  • A bit pricey


I believe you learned quite a lot and this review of the best chip carving knives for wood carving was beneficial to you. Often consider checking data about the retailer from which you purchase and the devices you want to get.

Good equipment is genuinely important for a hobby that needs finesse. You can’t just use any old knife and still demand fine art to be made. Even the most professional hand may benefit from the efficiency of the equipment or fail.

According to my personal experience, the BeaverCraft Wood Carving Knife C2 is among the top whittling tools and the perfect wood carving knives for those who like to start wood carving for beginners or those who are just searching for the best chip carving knife, even with some minor imperfections.

After this article, you do not need to worry about the best choice, just read it and grab your favorite one.


Who makes good chip carving knives?

There are multiple brands available all around the world producing fine quality carving knives. To mention a single company for manufacturing the best chip carving knives is BeaverCraft, a European Manufacturer.

What is chip carving?

Chip carving is a form of wood carving in which blades are used to extract small chips of wood from flat planks of wood to focus on subtle details.

What is the best wood for chip carving?

If you’re just starting to carve wood, then it’s extremely important to start with a few softwoods for simpler carving, such as basswood or butter wood. Besides, also in the future date, softwoods are suggested for chip carving.

How do you start chip carving?

First, it would be cool to get a chip carving knife, some wood (wooden plank), get some chip carving template, and watch a tutorial on Youtube.

What are the best chip carving knives?

We attempted to analyze the five chip carving knives that we might place our hands-on. Hopefully, on your way, our results will help you out.

The following are the five best chip carving knives:

  • BeaverCraft Cutting and Whittling Knife
  • FLEXCUT KN115 Carving Knives
  • Two Cherries Long Chip Knife
  • Flexcut Beginner Palm & Knife Set KN600
  • Kirschen 3358000 Carving Knife

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