Best Knife Sharpener For Backpacking In 2022

Knives make our lives much simpler, but they can be one of the most difficult weapons to handle. If the blade is dull, or if you are like me, you know that not only is it a big turnoff, but it can also be risky to keep using a dull blade. When using a dull blade, you have to put a lot more force into the cut.

Sharpening the knife at home is not that big of a challenge. You can easily store a knife sharpener anywhere. The problem arises when you are outdoors. That’s the time when only small equipment can be transported and it also needs to be lightweight and lightweight to fit. However, a knife alone will not be useful enough. To keep your knife blades in perfect working order, you need to bring the best knife sharpener for backpacking.

You will find a range of shapes and sizes when it comes to a knife sharpener that will most certainly fit your unique needs. And if you’re looking for the best backpacking knife sharpener, particularly for outdoor use such as camping and hiking, you will definitely need one that is compact, lightweight, but still durable and reliable.

Top 7 best knife sharpener for backpacking

Nowadays, sharpening stones are not the only choice you have. There are many high-quality sharpening devices available on the market, so you can easily sharpen your knife.

But you need a sharpener that you can easily carry while you are hunting, camping or some other outdoor activity, needing less space in your bag, i.e., it is so compact that it easily fits in your pocket and can give your knives a razor sharp edge.

I’ve written this thorough analysis to help you make the right choice for the best pocket knife sharpener to have on the field for 2020.

Lansky PS-MED01 Sharpener

This is the most popular sharpener for compact knives. If you’re a hunter, fisherman, hiker, or any survival expert who loves outdoor liveliness, it’s a very small, beautiful, and versatile user-friendly feature that will capture your attention.

There are many features in common with the Lansky BladeMedic and Smith’s PP1 Sharpener. If you are not good at using sharpening stones, this Camping Knife Sharpener is genuinely good for you. In three or four strokes, this sharpener gives an outstanding efficiency.

This really depends on how you want to use it. If you think it’s a great repair tool to reach the king in the wilderness, then it could be a little high.

If, however, you want to keep this in your toolbox for fast blade touch-ups, it’s well constructed and does a good job. With just around 10 minutes worth of work, you will be able to return a pocket knife to razor sharp quickly. The ceramic wedge for cleaning serrated knives will probably appeal to you as well.

In both directions (closed or open), the diamond tapered rod has a nice magnetic lock. All around, the instrument feels solid and well-built.

Then it all depends on your use: if you want a field repair tool and you’re hiking? It is a little strong. Overall, it is the best knife sharpener.


  • Affordable
  • Compact
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Extremely top-rated


  • Not to push stress on sharpener because it may break

Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener

The sharp company created a sharpener that can be used for their pocket and hunting knife by different people as this sharpener is ideal for outdoor, home, or shop uses.

If you’re a sportsman who needs a pocket razor every once in a while then this Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener is specifically designed to provide you with the complete field application sharpening solution. You can use it equally at home or at your supermarket, not just in the field.

The architecture is sturdy and made of diamonds and ceramics. A coarse diamond, a fine diamond, a ceramic hone and a leather strap are included in the parts.

For shaping and repair, the coarse 200 grit is used while the fine 600 grit is used for sharpening. In addition, a fine grit and a smaller diameter for a good serration are incorporated into the 3-position ceramic rod. As it is conditioned with a micro abrasive to give your blades an ultra-sharp edge, the leather strop is an exceptionally useful feature.

In addition, as the company offers you a lifetime warranty that involves repairing defects due to constant wear and tear, you don’t have to worry about maintenance. The quality is top notch, as an American company carefully engineers and assembles this product.

All in all, compared to other ones available on the market, it is a special pocket knife sharpener since it is the first angle driven, 5-stage sharpening tool designed for sportsmen. Hence, it is the Best field knife sharpener.


  • Many sharpening features
  • Budget-friendly
  • Made from a proud USA company
  • Very compact
  • Easy to us


  • No handle to hold

AccuSharp 001C Knife & Tool Sharpener

Are you looking for the perfect sharpener for a pocket knife with features that are super easy to use? So I hope all of your confusion will be resolved by this compact pocket knife sharpener! This advanced small knife sharpener from AccuSharp 001C is made from premium materials. And it can be used by anyone within just 10 seconds. It’s also the best way to sharpen any of your blades.

The AccuSharp makes having the perfect blade in seconds so fast. Only a really simple product that works exactly as you think it will. Instructions for opening the instrument and turning the sharpening blades around are provided.

This pocket knife sharpener’s beautiful design will keep your fingers away from the blade, so you can sharpen your pocket knife with no hesitation.

And your knife’s edge will be made of diamond-honed tungsten carbide, razor sharp each time.

To boost the life of this sharpening unit, this best pocket knife sharpener comes with replaceable and reversible blades. So, you have no reason to think about it.

Although the two blades that come with the kit can last a long time, the company also provides you with additional cutting surfaces if you want to use this knife sharpener on a regular basis.

The AccuSharp small knife sharpener is completely rust-resistant, so you can quickly clean it in a dishwasher or with soap and water. Hence, it is the best knife sharpening system.


  • Made from the USA
  • Very easy to use
  • Comes with low price
  • Very easy carry
  • The company achieved an Award Since 2014
  • No need to use any oil
  • Available with multiple colors


  • During sharpening, it eats a lot of metal

Double Sided Diafold Sharpener

In diamond sharpeners, DMT is the gold standard, and I would still have to check one, so this little Diafold sharpener seemed like an easy option. It’s cheap, unobtrusive, but it folds out into something that is big enough to be used on a daily basis.

DMT makes the company’s finest diamond stones and this Diafold is nicely put together. And in the USA, it’s made.

It is compact , lightweight with convenient fold & go handles that enclose the diamond whetstone and secure it when not in use. To make a dull edge and fine diamond for a razor sharp edge, this knife sharpener also has 2 sides with coarse diamond. With DMT’s monocrystalline diamond surface, it sharpens knives and instruments faster than conventional stones. No oil is required-sharpen dry or with water

It will provide years of consistent performance and reliable service with its durable construction.

It refines the sharp edge to razor sharp perfection and polishes it. This grit is not recommended if you are new to sharpening or if you do not need your knife or instrument edge to be as sharp as possible. But if it isn’t sharp until it’s sharp enough for you, that’s the grit you’re searching for.

Double sided device combines to produce a lightweight sharpener that is ideal for use on the job, at the shop and in the tool box. Hence, it is the best field sharpening stone.


  • Very sharp
  • Great build-up
  • Premium quality
  • Durable


  • It is prone to scratches

Lansky QuadSharp

You may want a model that is particularly easy to use if you are new to the world of knife sharpening. The last thing you want is to have to fight when you need sharp knives in a hurry. Luckily, the Lansky quadsharp is so easy that it can get to grips with even novices.

Although it is a fairly small and lightweight sharpener, it is still one of today’s most powerful tools with high strength. It’s perfect for reviving your blades that are serrated and smooth. The carbide V-groove further simplifies the sharpening.

Like the legendary controlled-angle device, it comes with 4 angles, i.e. 17, 20, 25, and 30-degree angles. Your knife will be sharpened and balanced correctly in just 3 to 4 strokes.

Plus, using the ceramic bench block, you can polish your serrated blades finely. It’s supposed to be used like butcher steel-it ‘s more complicated than steel, and it’s not going to wear out. Without worrying about the reduction in efficiency, use it as much as the main sharpeners!

Thanks to this lightweight knife sharpening stone, you can take it with you on camping , hiking, and fishing trips.

This knife sharpener, with its lightweight size, is very portable. The sharpener is so quick to use and comfortable that it is likely that many individuals will feel that the maintenance is worthwhile.


  • Excellent for serrated & straight blades
  • Carbide V-groove
  • 4 different angles
  • Can be used for fine polishing


  • Magnet tends to fall out
  • Diamond rod can be better

Spyderco Tri-Angle Premium Sharpmaker Set

Are you looking for a particularly flexible pocket knife sharpener? The best choice could be the Spyderco Triangle Sharpmaker Knife Sharpener. It does not only sharpen knives of all sorts, but it is perfect for scissors, fish hooks, and much more as well.

If you’re terrible at maintaining steady blade angles, then this pocket sharpener is certainly the right option for you.

The idea is that (rather than lying flat on a table), the blades are more vertical and pointed. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about running the blade at the right angle or messing up the bevel. As you run it down, it has 2 angles to choose from, set it up, and maintain your blade straight vertical.

It is a thicker set to remove marks, two sets of stones, and a softer ceramic set to smooth the tip. There are guards to keep its extra-sharp blades from cutting into your meat, and for convenient transport, all packages are neatly packed into one package.

You can use this Swiss Army Sharpening Knife Service without any lubricating oil, as long as it is properly cleaned and maintained after each use.

If you want to see how these tricks are done, or a guide that goes through the different steps to perfect or improve and how they are done, there is a DVD with videos.


  • Alumina ceramic stones
  • ABS plastic case with a lid.
  • Includes a scissors sharpener.


  • Heavy

Sharpal Pocket knife sharpener

There are more than a few hundred companies that sharpen knives. In their respective qualities, they are all good! But if you are puzzled, what is the right razor sharpener? SHARPAL, the best instrument maker in the world, has produced a high quality small knife sharpener.

This Sharpal 101N pocket knife sharpener is made from premium abrasive material and when it comes to use, it is super multi-functional. A 400 medium-grit tapered rod with grooves for grooves combines the two-tone outer body. For comfortable use, the design is synthetic and comes with a soft rubberized grip. For everyday use, it’s compact and lightweight, measuring just three and a half inches long and weighing just 1.5 ounces.

You’ll be delighted to know that this knife sharpener consists of an all-weather fire starter that is ideal for outdoor activities whether you’re an avid camper or hunter. When you drag it along the spine of a thick bladed knife, this magnesium Firestarter produces an amazing shower of sparks. It also comes with an incredibly loud whistle for emergencies, which can provide up to 110 db.

Amongst the most unique advantages of this best sharpener for Benchmade knife is that it arrives with a 3-year warranty. After already being tested 10,000 times, the fact that this product has remained durable and convenient to use certainly makes for a valuable purchase. So overall, it is the best bushcraft sharpening stone.


  • Has life saving features
  • Orange color pack makes it easy to spot
  • Comfortable grip
  • Multi-tool sharpening system


  • Fire starter does not work well


It is not as difficult to get a razor sharp knife as some novice thinks, and many of these sharpening tools make it extremely easy for those who are new to sharpening.

Are people generally unaware of how to sharpen a pocket knife?

So, sharpening takes a little patience, since it can harm the edge of your knife if you push your knife through these devices in a hurry.

So, what do you think the best backpacking knife sharpeners are? Nevertheless, remember that when someone is ready for an outdoor trip or hunting, the knife sharpener is very important. Both knives and sharpeners are very important since one is complementary to the other.

For their camping knife, everyone wants to find the right one! And we have already explained the 7 best knife sharpener for backpacking that you can use for all your knives. We also introduced some sharpeners that have unique properties that can save your life in serious circumstances, even earlier. For us, BladeMedic Lansky PS-MED01 is the best knife sharpener for your knife. The Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic is a safe device that can be used in various locations and conditions. While other items also work well, our recommended sharpener has just stood out and deserves to be considered the best sharpener for knives. Now we hope you’ll find the right one for your outdoor knife and tools!


How to Choose the Best Backpacking Knife Sharpener?

Actually, there are several backpacking knife sharpeners available both in the online and offline markets. The question, however, is which one to choose? Which one is the best backpacking knife sharpener for your knives?

The best knife sharpener for backpacking should be:

  • Pocket size (portability is important)
  • Lightweight
  • Made of hard, durable materials (sharpening)
  • Have many phases.

What is the Best Knife Sharpener for Pocket Knives?

For their camping knife, everyone wants to find the right one! And we have already explained the 7 best backpacking knife sharpeners that you can use for all your knives. We also introduced some sharpeners that have unique properties that can save your life in serious circumstances, even earlier. For us, BladeMedic Lansky PS-MED01 is the best knife sharpener for your knife. The Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic is a safe device that can be used in various locations and conditions. While other items also work well, our recommended sharpener has just stood out and deserves to be considered the best sharpener for knives. Now we hope you’ll find the right one for your outdoor knife and tools!

Which Is the Best Pocket Knife Sharpener for Beginners?

Any beginners can use a pocket knife sharpener for their pocket or without great difficulties; any novice may use a pocket knife sharpener for their pocket or hunting knife. Since, it is not too hard to use pocket knife sharpeners. But you should know about it and its functionality before using any multifunctional pocket knife sharpener.

And if you don’t know about it, during the sharpening process, you can damage your knife. That is why, before you use it, you should know about it. I love the ALPHA TEK hunting pocket knife sharpener and the multifunctional Sharpal 101N 6-In-1 sharpener, though. Both of them are as easy to use as other sharpeners for pocket knives.

What is the best knife sharpening stone?

Lansky BladeMedic is definitely our top choice because it’s the perfect mix of sturdiness and flexibility.

The metal housing is incredible and ensures longevity and reliability; while the four distinct sharpening stones help you restore your old knives, but also take care of your newer ones.

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