Best Knife Sharpener For Pocket Knives In 2022

A best knife sharpener for pocket knives is very compact and lightweight that anyone can hold in their pocket to sharpen their pocket or outdoor knife, which is why sharpening a pocket knife is very common with compact sharpeners.

In outdoor sports, pocket knives are of significant relevance and we all agree that no matter how good your pocket knives are, which model you use, whether they are curved edge or stainless steel edge, whether you use the best dressing hunting knife or the best deer skinning knife or the best bush cutting camping knife, the blade of all knives seems to be blunt at some time. And you’ll have to refine your knives after periodic times.

You ought to hone some pocket knives after around a month, but after 6 months, some great quality knives need to be sharpened. So you need the best sharpener for the pocket knife, which sharpens your pocket knife and gives it a sharp point.

A pocket knife sharpener guarantees that your knives are still sharp when you need them, but the main struggle you are likely to encounter is picking the appropriate one from the many choices. However, when making your decision, you shouldn’t have a hard time knowing the various types of knife sharpeners and the essential factors to remember.

So you must read this review if you want to know which is the best knife sharpener for pocket knives!

Top 7 best knife sharpener for pocket knives

As a lot of different pocket knife sharpeners are available, it’s not easy to find thebest pocket knife sharpener. So, how do we buy the best for us?

With this in mind, to help you ease your hunt, we made a set of 7 high quality portable sharpeners, as well as some important details you should know before buying this tool.

Serrated Knife Sharpener

Wamery is a company born in Latin America and living in the USA, produced by a family with European roots.

This Wamrey Pocket Knife Sharpener is curated with a diamond coated sharpening rod and comes with a uniform diameter and is ideal for regular use and all forms of field work. This tool’s outer body comes with a sleek aluminum handle, a clip for the pocket of your shirt, an adjustable ring and a protective handle to make it easy and protective to use. This tool is well made and highly practical, from the sharpening of your kitchen knives to chainsaw chains.

If you are tired of carrying heavy tools around, then your salvation will be this pocket knife sharpener! It is light and compact in size, so you can hold it in your pocket easily. Besides that, it has an effective blade sharpening device that will give your serrated blades and tools life.

On a rod, you’ve got two sharpeners along a versatile ring for you to regulate the angle at which you hold the knife until you sharpen.

The diamond pocket knife sharpener also installs into the handle for safe passage and adjusts for removal. With just a couple of back strokes on each scallop, the knives are going to be solid and prepared to be used on all sides .

This best field knife sharpener is formed from high hardness steel, unlike tungsten steel or carbide stones. You’ll even be delighted to understand that the corporate literally provides you with a lifetime warranty. All you would like to undertake is take away the knife sharpener and in milliseconds all sides are going to be checked with just a couple of strokes down! If you would like your serrated blades to offer you a gorgeous and precise edge, then this Wamrey Pocket Knife Sharpener is your best tool.

This pocket knife sharpener will be very useful for you, whether you enjoy hiking, camping, backpacking or even fishing. It’s very compact with its small pen shape and compact, and you can take it anywhere you need it.With the right gadget to keep your instruments and serrated knives sharp, you can save money and time.Hence, it is the best electric knife sharpener for pocket knives.



Sleek design

Beautiful workmanship


Pen shape

  • Lightweight for easy carrying.


Not for knife with long strokes

Smith’s Abrasives PP1 Knife Sharpener

Because of its cost, the Smith PP1 sharpener is the most common and skinniest pocket knife sharpener ever. In terms of mobility, it is the finest knife sharpener.

It’s compact than a bag, so don’t be concerned about searching room in your backpack for it.

As it weighs just about 0.3 ounces, the lightest pocket knife sharpener on our list is Smith’s PP1. But, it still works very well, despite the small profile and light weight. This sharpener features some carbide blades for a sharp finish that means you get a sharp edge and a ceramic stone.

As it also comes with a diamond-coated removable shaft for this, this sharpener can also work with jagged edges for pocket knives. Smith predetermines sharpening angles, so you only need to insert the knife and force it in and out before you have the sharpness that you need.

To give your pocket knife a pointy edge whenever and to make sure your pocket knife isn’t damaged, it also has variable sharpening angles. Since the blades are often easily removed and altered, whenever their surfaces rust, you do not need to believe buying a replacement sharpener. For comfort, this pocket knife sharpener has a moulded thumb / finger handle and a small aperture.

This best pocket knifesharpener is one of the cheapest on the list and also the lightest. So for an outdoor enthusiast looking for a sharpener that is easy to transport and cheap, it would be fine. This is the best pocket knife sharpener for 2020 overall.


Carbide blades

Razor sharp edge.

Slim and lightweight

Convenient carrying.

Fold out diamond coated rod

Comfortable use


Difficult handling for users with large hands

AccuSharp 001C Knife & Tool Sharpener

Are you looking for the perfect sharpener for a pocket knife with features that are super easy to use? So I hope all of your confusion will be resolved by this compact pocket knife sharpener! This advanced small knife sharpener from AccuSharp 001C is made from premium materials. And it can be used by anyone within just 10 seconds. It’s also the best way to sharpen any of your blades.

The AccuSharp makes having the perfect blade in seconds so fast. Only a really simple product that works exactly as you think it will. Instructions for opening the instrument and turning the sharpening blades around are provided.

You can hone your pocket knife without any fear as the aesthetic construction of this pocket knife knife sharpener will keep your fingers away from the blade,

And the tip of your knife will be built of tungsten carbide, diamond-honed, razor sharp each time.

This finest pocket knife sharpener arrives with interchangeable and reusable blades to prolong the life of this sharpening device. So, you don’t have a cause to worry about it.

Though its two blades that provide with the kit will last a long time, if you want to use this knife sharpener on a daily basis, the company also offers you with extra cutting surfaces.

The AccuSharp small knife sharpener is completely rust-resistant, so you can quickly clean it in a dishwasher or with soap and water. Hence, it is thebest knife sharpener for pocket knives when the blade is bad.



Made from the USA

Very easy to use

Comes with low price

The company achieved an Award Since 2014

No need to use any oil

Available with multiple colors


During sharpening, it eats a lot of metal


Lansky BladeMedic Knife Sharpener

A pocket knife sharpener that is simple to use and does not involve much expertise is the Lansky PS-MED01. It is a tapered diamond rod that is broader than what you get from other different sharpeners, and it will make it fast and simple for you to maintain and reconstitute your serrated instruments.

With an all-metal design, Lansky manufactures this pocket knife sharpener for reliability and with a small hole for the lanyard.

This is the most popular sharpener for compact knives. If you’re a hunter, fisherman, hiker, or any survival expert who loves outdoor liveliness, it’s a very small, beautiful, and versatile user-friendly feature that will capture your attention.

There are many features in common with the Lansky BladeMedic and Smith’s PP1 Sharpener. If you are not good at using sharpening stones, this best electric pocket knife sharpeneris genuinely good for you. In three or four strokes, this sharpener gives an outstanding efficiency.

This focuses on how you like using it, actually.  However, if you’d like to hold it for easy blade reach in your toolkit, it’s well made and does an excellent work. You would be willing to restore a pocket knife to razor sharp easily with just about 10 minutes expense of work. You will definitely also be drawn by the ceramic wedge for wiping serrated knives.

The diamond tapered rod has a good magnetic lock in both dimensions (closed or open). The device feels sturdy as well as great built all over.

With an all-metal design, Lansky manufactures this pocket knife sharpener for reliability and with a small hole for the lanyard.

It is quick to use as this pocket knife sharpener is perfect for someone who isn’t very familiar with knife honing. One fast blade movement with minimal impact is all it requires to get a sharp blade.

Then it all depends on your use: if you want a field repair tool and you’re hiking? It is a little strong. Overall, it is the best knife sharpener.




Long-lasting durability

Extremely top-rated


Not to push stress on sharpener because it may break

Smith’s TRI-6 Sharpening Stone Systems

At the lower price point, which is a really good buy, you can have this pocket sharpener. Good water stones will cost you $40 a piece, but it’s much wider to move your blade around so smoother. This is less than $30 for three stones and a stand, but the stones are around 7/8 “smaller in width and 2” smaller in length than a standard Japanese water stone. You can have a hard time adapting to the size of these stones if you are used to using bigger stones.

This is a nice step up and maybe a good introduction to stones if you are a novice or someone used to more casual sharpening with a rod or a smaller pocket stone, especially if you own a few smaller blades or pocket knives.

If you haven’t used a whetstone before, before you get used to it, it takes some practice. It can be helpful with the blade guide that comes with it. It’s best to check with your knife manufacturer for advice on proper edge sharpening and angle if you’re unsure of the angle of the edge of your blade.

It should start with a medium grain stone that eliminates limited metal from the blade. Until the knife does even more major work, the fine stone should take the last piece or even just polish up a little. If you like, you might end up with a strip of leather, because most of the time, that is over the mark. No doubt, it is the beasoest best knife sharpener for pocket knives.



Good quality

Reasonably priced.

Safety to users




Angle maintenance is a bit challenging

Sharpal 101N Pocket Knife Sharpener

There are more than a few hundred companies that sharpen knives. In their respective qualities, they are all good! But if you are puzzled, what is the right razor sharpener? SHARPAL, the best instrument maker in the world, has produced a high quality small knife sharpener.

This Sharpal 101N pocket knife sharpener is constructed out of advanced abrasive material and is extremely multi-functional when it begins to use. The two-tone outer body is merged with a 400 medium-grit tapered rod with ridges for grooves. The construction is plastic for easy use and arrives with a soft soft rubber hold. It is small and compact for daily use, measuring just three and a half inches long and consuming just 1.5 ounces.

You’ll be delighted to know that this knife sharpener consists of an all-weather fire starter that is ideal for outdoor activities whether you’re an avid camper or hunter. When you drag it along the spine of a thick bladed knife, this magnesium Firestarter produces an amazing shower of sparks. It also comes with an incredibly loud whistle for emergencies, which can provide up to 110 db.

In addition to the basics of the pocket knife sharpener, Sharpal also comes with a fire starter and emergency whistle to make it very handy outdoors. And the best thing is that the fire starter works well and that the whistle is loud enough as well.

Amongst the most unique advantages of this professional electric knife sharpener is that it arrives with a 3-year warranty. After already being tested 10,000 times, the fact that this product has remained durable and convenient to use certainly makes for a valuable purchase.

So overall, it is the best electric knife sharpener consumer reports.


  • Has lifesaving functionality
  • The orange color pack makes spotting simple.
  • Convenient grip
  • Device of multi-tool sharpening


  • Fire starter does not work well

Spyderco Tri-Angle Premium Sharpmaker Set

Are you trying to find a pocket knife sharpener that’s especially flexible? The Spyderco Triangle Sharpmaker Knife Sharpener could also be the simplest option. Not only does it sharpen knives of all sizes, but it’s also ideal for scissors, fish hooks and far more. If you’re bad at holding blade angles straight, then this pocket sharpener is perhaps the proper choice for you.

The notion is that the sides are more pointed and vertical. There’s also no got to think at the proper angle of pushing the blade or screwing it up the bevel. once you run it down, it’s 2 angles to settle on from, set it up and retain your knife simple vertical.

It is a thicker set to erase imprints, a softer ceramic set to clean the tip, and two sets of stones. There are guards to prevent their extra-sharp blades from cutting through your meat, and all items are conveniently bundled into one box for easy transport.

As long as it is adequately cleaned and maintained after each use, you can use this spyderco knife sharpener service without any lubricating oil.

There is a DVD with videos if you want to see how these strategies are performed, or a tutorial that goes through the various steps to refine or improve, and how they are accomplished.


  • Alumina ceramic stones
  • ABS plastic case with a lid.
  • Includes a scissors sharpener.


  • Heavy


Without a question, having a pocket knife sharpener has a lot of benefits, specifically if you are a physically active user of tools. If it’s a family outing of fishing or hiking, a knife is an essential tool, and so it’s a reliable sharpener.

Even then, as you cannot carry your home honing machine with you, you need a portable, compact, and handy pocket-size sharpener.

Small, streamlined, and convenient are such sharpeners. You need to put them in your pocket or purse, and dull knives are going to be a distant memory.

But, as there is a broad range of pocket knives sharpeners on the market, making a selection is not always easy. This is where you will be driven in the correct track by our detailed review of the 7 best pocket knife sharpeners.

If you want an inexpensive but still functioning pocket knife, our AccuSharp is a solid solution; it is an aesthetically built product with maximum effectiveness.

We totally recommend the Lansky Pocket Sharpener if you don’t hesitate investing a little more. This is amongst the most versatile and potent metal sharpeners that will last for a decade and never let you drop.

The choice definitely belongs to you!


What is the best knife sharpener for pocket knives?

For their pocket knife, everyone wants to find the right one! And we have already explained the 7 best pocket knife sharpeners that you can use for all your knives. We also introduced some sharpeners that have unique properties that can save your life in serious circumstances, even earlier. For us, BladeMedic Lansky PS-MED01 is the best knife sharpener for your knife. The Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic is a safe device that can be used in various locations and conditions. While other items also work well, our recommended sharpener has just stood out and deserves to be considered the best sharpener for knives. Now we hope you’ll find the right one for your outdoor knife and tools!

Are knife sharpeners bad for knives?

If you’re out with just a few pieces of gear in the forest or can’t find a sharp knife to save your life, when you need it the most, a sharpener isn’t always there. Fortunately, you can use a range of household items to sharpen your knives with a little fast thinking and creativity. You can perfectly hone your knives by means of leather belts.

What is the best knife sharpening stone?

Lansky BladeMedic is definitely our top choice because it’s the perfect mix of sturdiness and flexibility.

The metal housing is incredible and ensures longevity and reliability; while the four distinct sharpening stones help you restore your old knives, but also take care of your newer ones.

What is the best thing to use to sharpen a knife?

If you’re out with just a few pieces of gear in the forest or can’t find a sharp knife to save your life, when you need it the most, a sharpener isn’t always there. Fortunately, you can use a range of household items to sharpen your knives with a little fast thinking and creativity. You can perfectly hone your knives by means of leather belts.

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