8 Best Oyster Shucking Knives Reviews

Folks either liked or disliked them when it comes to oysters; they often go ignored, however! For several years, this low-calorie, low-fat, protein-rich seafood has been labeled a culinary super-food. This sort of seafood, delicious and very costly, needs good managing and preparing. That all said, to maximize their prep, it is important to have the Best Oyster Shucking Knives by your hand.

You ought to open them up, that is, to shuck them and extract the outer shell, instead of whether you choose the raw or fried. And, you want a specialized tool, an oyster shucking knife, to be ready to do this.

A unique class of knife to snip open oysters and remove their meat from the shell is the Oyster Knife. Sometimes this is termed shucking and an Oyster Shucking Knife is also called the knife.

As numerous oyster shucking knives enter the market, it becomes even more difficult to determine which one is right for you. Don’t be nervous! I am here to assist you with this.

I analyzed this article about the best oyster shucking knives that, along with those two core functions, have many other incredible traits. Let’s take a look at the best shucking knives for oysters.

Top 8 Best Oyster Shucking Knives In 2022

There are multiple types of oyster knives accessible and some knives are ideally equipped than others, relying on the kind and size of oysters you want. I start by looking at some of the various styles of oyster knives in this article, as well as offering the cheapest price on oysters. To help you select the correct knife for all of your shucking purposes, I have evaluated eight of the best oyster shucking knives on the marketplace.

There were some things we took into account while investigating top-rated oyster knives. This would include the blade’s size and shape, the handle’s design and ergonomic profile, no-slip functionality, and the sharpness of the knife.

I compiled this list of the cream of the crop money that can buy, retaining all these mentioned points!

  1. OXO Good Grips Oyster Knife

For its excellent quality kitchen equipment, OXO is renowned. They give a plethora of goods, but especially famous are their oyster knives.

If at an incredibly decent cost, you are searching for the simple essential details in an oyster shucker, then this knife will perform nicely for you.

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Non Slip Oyster Knife

A robust stainless steel blade provides this budget-friendly oyster knife. Lightweight and thin, it will certainly ease the handling of oysters. The prying will be simple thanks to the curved tip because you’ll need minimal physical pressure.

The handle is nice and smooth and the grip is enjoyable. Plus, the material is non-slippery, so you don’t have to fear about slippage or possible accidents. When your palms are wet or sweaty, you can also use them.

Although the OXO oyster knife is safe for dishwashing, it is best to maintain hygiene and extend its life by cleaning it by hand.

What is cool and helpful is that not only can the knife help you open up oysters, but also pistachios, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, and Brazilian nuts.

Some owners think that this knife’s blade is too thick, and with harder oysters, it does not perform too though. It can also be susceptible to bending on harder oysters, and even though the handle is built to be non-slip, when damp, it can still get slippery.

Do not shy away from making this investment if you are on a budget! You get an amazing Oyster knife for less than $10.

It can be a perfect option to make a good start for students. Overall, it’s the best oyster knife.

  • Stainless steel

  • Non-slip handle

  • Safe to wash in dishwasher

  • Ergonomic design

  • Too thick blade

  • Not perform well with tough oysters

  1. Dexter-Russell Oyster Knife

Dexter Russel is a significant figure in cutlery, claiming to be the earliest known maker of cutlery in the United States. Although they sell a wide range of oyster knives, for me, this particular knife stood out.

This is one of the most common oyster knives and is perfect for opening up various sizes of oysters. Based on the oyster and your expertise, you can shuck a variety of them within 5 or 10 minutes. In the US, it is created.

Dexter-Russell New Haven Style Oyster Knife

While at first glance it has a very simple design, it has the bent tip and solid handle that offers great leverage pivotal for opening the oyster. It is worth noting that this shucking knife from Oyster is from the Sani-Safe line of the brand, which is a luxury cutlery brand.

This oyster shucking knife is a patented blend of steel and equipped with a high-carbon, stainless DEXSTEEL blade. Due to its high-quality construction, this high-alloy blade is known as an industry leader.

An enhanced version that incorporates a New Haven Pattern is the Sani-Safe handle. Also, to allow clients pry oyster shells with less energy, the maker crafted this knife with curves. This latest concept has a mild texture, but although providing an absolute shucking feeling, it provides a firm grip.

Polypropylene, comfortable, easy-to-clean, and slip-resistant, is the handle.

The blade-to-handle bond guarantees perfect hygienic efficiency. It is made of high-carbon stainless steel, which is very accurate and stable and does not rust. To achieve high product quality, let’s not overlook that the knife is also NSF-certified.

To aid with opening, this knife has a 23⁄4′ blade with a bent tip, but this tip is sensitive to bending more while using, and some consumers have noticed that the knife is too dense for some oysters.

It is slip-resistant and protruded at both ends, the plastic grip-tex handle provides great support and safety.

  • Made in the US

  • ​NSF certified

  • Strong

  • Durable

  • Comfortable to use

  • Anti-slip

  • Not be wash in the dishwasher

  • Too thick blade

  1. Victorinox Oyster Knife 

Victorinox is renowned worldwide for its premium Swiss Army Knives and this oyster knife shows the same greater standard of craftsmanship. This oyster knife is excellent in itself; one of the most famous brands of kitchenware is manufactured in Switzerland.

Victorinox Oyster Knife Red SuperGrip Handle

The blade of the New Haven-style is made of solid carbon steel and has a hooked tip to enable you to easily open tasty oysters.

The bent tip bend allows for fast opening and leaping between the shells. And, no care whether you’re left-handed or right-handed, this knife fits in your hand perfectly. This is because many of the knives from Victorinox are designed to be ambidextrous.

A strong grip is provided by the red color and slip-prone blade and you can use it even when your palms are damp, which is a normal kitchen phenomenon. The blade of high-carbon stainless steel will retain its quality and will not rust and stain.

Visually, the non-slip, ultra-grip red handle is stunning. The handle also provides a comfortable grip on wet palms, and it is easy to use. Even so, to allow protection for your palm and thumb, this durable handle protrudes.

More, as a dishwasher safe knife, after breaking tons of shells, this Victorinox Oyster Knife is simple to wash. It has little maintenance and makes it a great choice for someone who chooses to purchase oyster knives that are easy to manage.

  • Compact design

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Slip-resistant

  • NSF certified

  • Risk of the knife tip bending

  • A shorter blade so not suggested for large oysters

  1. WENDOM Oyster Knife Shucker Set 

You won’t be disappointed owning this package of oyster shuckers as it smoothly and accurately does its job. It will not harm the animal internally, although it is slightly sharp, as it is just honed from wherever it is required.

In this array, it will be a decent investment of money as you get two oyster shuckers and a pair of best oyster shucking gloves along with a lemon squeezer at the cost of one shucker.

WENDOM Oyster Knife Shucker Set Oyster Shucking Knife

This range is the direction to go if you want to upgrade your oyster shucking game, optimize protection, and make it more enjoyable.

The gloves are made of cut-resistant material of premium quality and are easily washable. For most adult hand sizes, they’re acceptable. Plus, they’re going to feel nice on your side, and you’re not going to feel like you can’t handle your knife.

The blade is made of high-quality plastic and is easy to carry, comfortable, and non-slippery. Thanks to the quality blade content, the edge and sharpness can be preserved for a lengthy period.

It’s built-in a way that makes you reach oyster shells quickly. This collection is a nice present option; if someone loves oysters, they’ll love it!

If you are having a massive celebration at your home or a BBQ, you can use this package. Thanks to its resilience and small size, it’s also best for traveling. It is also the best collection for the oyster brand knife set.

  • Easy to hold

  • Affordable

  • Premium quality

  • Durable

  • Rust and corrosion free

  • Comfortable grip

  • Not dishwasher safe

  • Does not comes with a case

  1. TANG SONG 8PCS Oyster Knife Set

These oyster shuckers aren’t the same as those high-class oyster shuckers that you buy paying lots of dollars. They do not even give you the great experience that all of the above does, but in the perfect place they fulfill the purpose for which they were intended.

TANG SONG 8PCS Oyster Knife Oyster Shucking Knife

They do shuck oysters and they’ve got the stuff you ought to shuck an oyster. They arrive with a solid, non-sharp blade to pry the shell open and a nice, non-slippery handle to give you a secure fit when used.

This collection includes 8 elegant oyster knives that will help you overcome with even the most persistent oysters. It’s certainly an excellent value for money.

The knives have wooden handles that, even when used for a significant period, are not only convenient but gentle on the hands. They are natural, eco-friendly, safe, and strong as well.

The blade is manufactured from stainless steel of superb class. In addition to oyster shucking, you might use it for several other activities, including opening up prawns and seafood.

With minimal energy, the pointy tip enables the quick opening of the shell. All you have to do is place it correctly, use some force, and yes- the oyster is prepared and ready!

What concerns most is that at the expense of one you are having eight bits of oyster shuckers. Although they’re cheap, they don’t sacrifice efficiency. They can also be used to shock all sorts of shell species, such as water lobsters and clams.

Since it arrives in a package of 8 parts, feel free to give your family or friends some of the knives-it will certainly become their favorite knife in the kitchen. Hence, this is the best oyster knife blades in the market.

  • Versatile

  • Stainless steel blade

  • Worth for money

  • Attractive

  • Comfortable

  • Non-slippery

  • Razor-sharp

  • Prone to rusting

  • Not for tough oysters

  1. Melocean Oyster Shucking Knife

Two strong and durable oyster knives crafted with standard 3cr13 German stainless steel are included in this collection. In this range, the two types of oyster knives have wooden handles that are well-packaged. For oyster lovers, friends, and family, it’s a great gift idea.

Oyster Shucking Knife Professional Oyster Knife

The knives are corrosion and turning proofed and are easy to maintain-to clean them, you only need warm water and mild dish soap.

This high-quality, full-tang steel will easily open any kind of oyster shell.

The blade ends up in forged support that contributes to the knife’s toughness. To maximize power and leverage, the blade stretches to the finish line of the handle. That’s what I call a complete Tang knife.

The 2.5″ blade will not bend, but you “see” what you do, and without chipping the shell, you will work easily and effectively. The handles are made of French wood that is non-slip and secured with two rivets. Melocean also gives a lifetime warranty for this kit.

The knife comes with a limited lifetime warranty and is Made in the USA.

In the wooden handles carefully designed from solid French wood, you can also “fall in love” (one knife is with a black handle and another with a brown one).

It is non-slippery and rivet-reinforced. Comfy and easy to control, this is a handle for a stable shucking knife.

The package comes bundled in a beautiful wooden box, and to know more about oysters and oyster shucking, you even get a leaflet and e-book.

For shucking oysters, both learning materials contain detailed information. These books may also assist enthusiasts who have no experience cooking oysters to eat.

As a two-in-one kit, the Melocean collection offers a lot of value for the money.

  • Anti-slip wooden handles

  • Easy to use

  • Anti-slip

  • Great Grip

  • Wooden handles tend to decay

  1. JXE JXO Oyster Shucking Knife

This oyster knife displays stainless steel of premium style that makes it strong and effective.

This knife for oysters comes as a full package! Confirmed reviewers state they appreciate that they don’t have to purchase a separate safety glove. They also admire the leather sheath for protection.

It is durable and solid enough to help you open up various oyster sizes in seconds and with a low shot, ideal for both left- and right-handed customers.

Oyster Shucking Knife Stainless Steel With High Performance

The beautifully built black wooden handle is ideally suited to any hand size and is non-slippery. Thanks to its ideal length, it gives your maneuvers a lot of leverage.

The blade has a specific notch-bottom shape and is heavy enough to raise oysters in one section quickly from the shell. It’s suitable for either big or small oysters.

This ingeniously made shucking knife, ergonomically-and technically-thought out, will not only help you easily extract the shells but keep your fingers secure.

The overall length of the knife is approximately 6.5.’ According to confirmed reports, it’s simple to carry along. Fit it and go into its sheath. There is a snap-strip in the sheath so it won’t fall out, something checked clients claim they certainly like.

With the handguard in the center of the knife, including the cut-resistant grey gloves that arrive with it, we also love how user protection is further improved.

  • Comes with protective gloves

  • Ergonomic handle

  • Non-slippery

  • Strong grip

  • Not much durable
  1. Murphy/Ramelson Duxbury Oyster Knife

UJ Ramelson’s R. Murphy Duxbury has a prominent plastic polypropylene handle and is pleasant to use. A short blade that measures 2-1/8 inches comes with this Duxbury item. This Duxbury design is lightweight and robust, unlike the ones with longer blades that appear to bend. Here are a few incredible factors for this incredible selection you should remember.

R Murphy Ramelson Duxbury Oyster Knife

  1. A sturdy, slightly bent tip that needs little pressure to pry seashells arrives with Murphy Duxbury. Users of this knife will slip through the hinge of several shells with the comfort with the ‘New Haven’ tip style.

Its blade is made of high-carbon stainless steel material (commercial-grade 420HC). For oyster lovers who need smooth, shucking blades with a sharp cutting edge, this brand is a favorite choice.

Weighing in at 2.4 ounces, the R. The lightweight nature of Murphy Duxbury means it’s well-balanced in your hand. For your all-day shucking purposes, you’ll find it handy. Also, the lightweight nature of the knife makes your preparation for cooking exciting.

This American-made knife is a craft of good quality from the R. Murphy Duxbury oystermen in Massachusetts at Island Creek Oysters (ICO). This layout provides fast cuts with little force, unlike many other knife items.

Besides, the handle provides complete support and is not even slippery when handled with sweaty hands.

  • High carbon stainless steel

  • Pointed tip

  • Ergonomic handle

  • US-made

  • The size limits its use with larger oysters

  • Can only be hand-washed


The mystery is not in the seasoning behind the flavor of the oysters, but the manner it is shucked. The more it is shucked properly, the more delicious it would be to enjoy eating it.

You will need to reconsider your strategies and your equipment if oyster handling has been very difficult for you! You will need the right equipment, i.e. oyster knives by your side, in addition to learning the do’s and don’ts of oyster shucking, to achieve the best outcome.

We addressed 8 distinct shucking knives from various popular brands of cutlery in this study. For us, the best oyster shucking knife on the market is the OXO Decent Grips Oyster Knife.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this analysis, whether you daily, sometimes shuck oysters or are new to it all and, whichever way you want to shuck and whatever sort of oyster; I believe my reviews of the best oyster shucking knives have guided you pick the right best knife for you and your oysters.


What is the best oyster shucking knife?

There’s so much to select from, all different patterns, sizes, and blade styles, from the best oyster shucking knife. On the market, there’s such a range that you’ll be left questioning which one is the perfect one.

The Melocean Oyster Shucking Knife Package, as per my preference, is the best oyster knife for beginner shuckers

What kind of knife do you use to open oysters?

To help sneak into hard hinges to pry them open, I suggest stainless steel blades at least 3 inches long with a bent edge. If the blade is made up of high carbon steel, which is stronger and lasts longer than standard stainless steel, additional points are given. To pry open oysters with simplicity, your oyster blade handle style should fit smoothly with your fingers and palm hold.

How sharp should an oyster knife be?

Usually, the tip of the oyster knife should shape the sharpest point. It’s as necessary to be thin as being sharp to help pry tough hinges. There is no need for the blade itself to be as sharp as the edge. For the best leverage, search for oyster knife blades that are at least 3 inches long.

What is a shucking knife?

For the removal of oyster meat from its shell, an oyster knife can be used. It exists in a range of ways and sizes. Narrower middle, short blades, and hooked tips are held by our favorite oyster knives, which do an incredible job of prying open the shell while retaining the liquid inside.

It has a short, thick blade and a thick yet droopy handle, usually thick and short. For the grip-and-twist motion that you need to do when releasing an oyster, this kind of handle is perfect. After the handle, some Oyster Knives come with protection. Usually, to pry the shell open, the knife would have a sharp pointy tip that you push into the tightly closed shell.


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