Best throwing knives for self defense

Knife throwing is a popular practice in different areas of the world, but in Europe and the United States it is highly prominent.

Picking the best throwing knife for self-defense that is suitable for you is critical if you throw knives in tournaments or maybe you just do that as a hobby. With the finest one, you will be allowed to have more outstanding outcomes, higher value, and much more fun.

The art of throwing knives, which is a great experience to learn and practice at home, is a skill to acquire. A certain amount of space, a target, as well as several knives are all you have. Throwing knives are deadly weapons, and learning to use them effectively might save your life in some instances.

These throwing knives have been carefully selected for the consistency they provide between cost and efficiency. You can find out what’s special about each knife or package, and their significant characteristics. We’re also going to cover what we did and didn’t like about each of the knives, so you can create a reasonable belief for their success in the real world.

Throwing knives are not all the same for your size, power, and skill may or may not be a good match for their individual features. It’s important to choose the right throwing knife to get underway or move along to the next step, so research and be trained before investing your hard-earned money!

Top 5 best throwing knives for self defense

While there are many kinds of throwing knives on the marketplace, based on the detailed research we have done, we will suggest the perfect ones. We have brought 5 of the best throwing knives out for you to glance at. Our purpose is to help you select a knife that is wholly acceptable for your context and needs, and for generations to come, one you can carry around. Accuracy and reliability are given by the knives below. Many are readily accessible and will have plenty of pleasure while exercising. Find the best knives here for throwing:

Smith & Wesson SWTK8BCP Three 8in throwing knives set

Smith and Wesson are recognized for producing high-quality blades, and there is no limitation to these compact practise knives. These are perfect starter blades for nearby-range throwing, with their lower weight, coming in at 4.1 ounces per knife.

A preferred pick in this analysis is this appealing knife package from one of the world’s largest manufacturers of knives and weapons.

This Smith & Wesson package of three throwing knives arrives with a secure polyester sheath and a connection to the belt loop. This collection of three luxury knives are crafted of premium-quality black stainless steel (2Cr13-grade). Often, blunt blades have distinctive characteristics.

These knives are positioned and finished with a black oxide coating for weight control in this Smith and Wesson Throwing Knives review, ensuring that they are rust-immune and stylish. To make them more durable, high-quality blades need protection from moisture. A black polyester belt sheath comes with this Smith & Wesson knife kit. There are three compartments in the fabric pouch that allow each knife to be stacked on top of each other.

To make them more durable, high-quality blades need protection from moisture. A black polyester belt sheath comes with this Smith & Wesson knife kit. There are three compartments in the fabric pouch that allow each knife to be stacked on top of each other.

Smith & Wesson is a reputable firearms manufacturer of solid construction. Their crafts usually have high-end designs. Three laser-cut patterns and the emblem of the maker are on each of these knives. There is a central balance in this black stainless steel kit, making it perfect for professionals and beginners alike. This firmly crafted but lightweight stainless steel knife can either be hurled by grasping the two ends.

For people eager to kick-start their hobby of throwing knives, it’s the ideal knife. These blade pairs are lightweight and ergonomically built, so training with these is very viable for beginners. However, new throwers will find it complicated to use these knives. Hence, it is the throwing knives for self defense.


  • Well-balanced
  • Premium quality
  • Sturdy


  • The sheath is prone to tear
  • Thick and heavy

SOG Throwing Knives

The throwing SOG knives are available as a pack of three pieces each. The blade is made of durable steel material that does not crack easily, making them the perfect self-defense throwing knives. When throwing the knives, the blades are 9.5 inches in length and have a paracord handle to allow you to have a strong grip. With these weapons, you may go hunting and camping, as they are safe to use in all seasons.

Other features that make the package ideal for defense are that the knives do not spin and that combative rotation has been developed that allows one to have a specific target. There’s a velcro strap for the knives, and a belt strap to tie the bag to your pants.

As a premium-quality product, the knife model comes with a rugged protective sheath with three compartments. To safely hold the knives by use of a belt loop, the sheath has a Velcro strap closing. The ballistic nylon sheath offers considerable convenience of use throughout knife-throwing sessions and competitions.

The SOG extra-sharp clean cut blade is a full-tang 420-grade hard-cased black stainless steel metal. Though this blade measures 4.4 inches, 10 inches is the total length of the knife.

With a kit of three corrosion-immune blades, you can exercise throwing with confidence. Each element has a central model of balance that allows you to attempt a variety of different techniques for throwing.

Corded handles need care, however, to make them run longer than planned. The full-tang 420-grade hard-cased black stainless steel is ideal for those hunting for a kit with a robust design.

Overall, for a novice, these are fantastic and elegant knives. I wouldn’t presume to see this being used by a skilled knife thrower, but I believe it’s a nice value for one who wants to dig their heels into the activity. Hence, this is the best throwing knives for beginners.


  • Full tang
  • Lightweight
  • Tough


  • Poor grip
  • Grip is prone to tear

Cold Steel 80TOR Thrower

For hunters and knife enthusiasts, Cold Steel is a premier brand that makes some of the finest knives in the world.

Cold Steel is an American company, but in leading blade crafting markets such as Japan and Taiwan, they do not shy away from ordering parts and getting knives made.

These knives are great for a novice learning how to count rotation, but for a more seasoned thrower who wants to practice their long-range shots, they can also be useful. The blade is continuous and made with only plain metal for the handle from 1055 carbon.

Another nice thing about this best throwing knife 2020 is that it’s a helpful weapon for survival and self-defense. The knife is convertible, and you can turn it into a spear with ease. With precision, reliability and robustness in mind, this knife was designed.

If you’re looking for a beginner’s perfect throwing knife kit, then these knives have an excellent balance, allowing you to throw them off the blade or handle. They might have a plain design and look, but in this review they may be some of the most powerful blades.

It is perfect for beginners, but something that experts would love to play with as well. They are lightweight, which is why when the distances are short to the mid-level range, they work at an optimum level. Overall, these are the best throwing knives for no spin.


  • Affordable
  • Sharp tips
  • Easy to use
  • Aerodynamics
  • Perfect for throws
  • Ultra-tough


  • No beauty in design

Expendables Kunai 3 Piece Thrower Set

For a long time, this knife brand has been on the market and is renowned for producing the best knives for different activities, including survival. For distinct occasions, such as protection and hinting, the crafting and designs are acceptable. With a stainless steel blade which does not rust or collide, it has a 12-inch length.

For a long time, you can carry these knives with you and still be able to rely on them. At 12, they are very wide length-wise. It gives you a powerful and well-balanced throwing knife that carries some serious strength. You’ll get excellent performance out of the AUS-6 steel with a solid and sharp tip.

We loved the wrapped handle with the cord and how awesome it would feel in your palm. Without losing accuracy from a slipping grip, you can get strong strength on your throws. You will be able to control the spin of these knives and get an accurate flight from them. In a nylon belt sheath, the knives can be securely and easily protected.

These best throwing knives give you a lot adjustable mounting options with a leg brace and a belt loop. Response is swift and the knives are quite well-secured without holding you down significantly. Sum up, you get some of the best throwing knives for the money, and outstanding heavy knives for excellent performance.

To offer the knife a good and sustainable grip, a cord is wrapped around the knob. Whether shooting or traveling at night, it’s convenient to carry the knives along.


  • Large and sturdy
  • Cord wrapped handle
  • Great steel quality
  • durability
  • Versatile


  • Black finish wears off quickly

Kershaw Ion Throwing Knife Set

The throwing knives of Kershaw Ion are not like your typical throwing knife. It has a full tang stainless steel blade with exceptional blade strength, edge retention and corrosion resistance.

Kershaw has managed to create a special, great-looking knife that also works at a high performance standard, deviating a bit from the conventional throwing knife style. The Ion’s ring provides balance on the back of the knife and makes these knives easy to detach from their sheath as well.

This knife has great blade strength, edge retention, and corrosion resistance with a full-tang stainless steel blade. This full-tang package from Kershaw features a lightweight and robust throwing knife style with 3Cr13 stainless steel.

For anyone with a blade length of 4,5 inches, a weight of 4 ounces per knife, and a static spear point blade with a black oxidation finish, this is a fantastic pick! You get 3 knives in a kit with a nylon storage sheath that rests on your waist. These throwing knives are much more about self-defense and hunting than for specific movements, and offer a sharp point.

It is sufficient for both novice and experienced, as it is designed with security in mind. It gives a tight grip thanks to the integration of etching, forms, ridges or lines with a less slippery grip. It has a specific look and can be used both by experts and by newbies. The complete 3Cr13 blade is manufactured for safety, and the nylon sheath makes it necessary and easy to carry. But it is the most expensive throwing knife!


  • Accurate
  • Nylon material carry case
  • Double-edge spear point
  • Good balance
  • Blackwash finish


  • Discomfort while throwing
  • Cord wrap is vulnerable


For our review, that is it! We hope that you have considered our analysis very helpful and you have already built up your mind on which one to buy.

The substantial variables we shared should be taken into consideration because they will help save money for other items to be purchased. The cost to quality ratio of the knife, material content, weight, length, and the tip crispness of its blade are significant considerations. This is not the only element that decides a good collection of knives for throwing, but it is important.

The 3-piece Smith & Wesson stainless steel is a collection of well-balanced knives that allows you to use various techniques of knife-throwing, according to throwing knives review. In addition, they are flexible and can be used for self defense. Focusing on your needs and doing a little homework beforehand is all about finding one of the best throwing knives.

To conclude, we would also like to suggest that you check the FAQs to help eliminate your misunderstandings so that you are completely straightforward when making your ultimate decision.


Are throwing knives good for self defense?

Some people may think that it is impractical and maybe a tad bit dangerous to possess a throwing knife, or a multitude of throwing knives. Others would say that if anyone blows down their door, it’s their go-to tool. In a self-defense situation, throwing knives is fine as long as you have plenty of room between you and your target. At least 10 feet of throwing distance should be open to you, or else you should turn to a handheld fighting knife.

You should ensure your protection comes first when going for outdoor leisure activities or if you work late nights. Tagging, throwing knives or throwing daggers, when suddenly threatened, is one of the most trusted forms of survival.

What is the best knife for throwing?

Some knives, however, are made specifically for throwing purposes. These knives are designed with a mechanism for balance and other features that allow the thrower to achieve a good target. Depending upon the brand, the blades come as a package or a single kit. For us, the 6-piece stainless steel Smith & Wesson is a package of well-balanced throwing knives. The Smith & Wesson throwing knife set is also the perfect throwing knife for beginners. This collection is all that beginners need to learn the art of throwing knives. They have excellent balance, decent weight, and no additional fills, only a powerful and precise throwing knife that provides outstanding efficiency in situations of competition and self-defense.

What kind of knife is best for self defense?

For the right kind of throwing knife, the following are the characteristics that make the best self-defense throwing knife:

  • Sharp edge
  • Thick blades
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Safe grip
  • Widen or Rubber Handle
  • Aerodynamic architecture

The best knife for throwing is considered the knife that includes all the above requirements.

Does the military use throwing knives?

In addition to showmanahip or a diversion, throwing knives were never used in any military. The explanation for this is that you need to have a specific distance to your target and it is quiet pointless to have a weapon that you can only use when the enemy is not 5 m not 7 m exactly 6 m at 6 m range.

The throwing axe, like Franziska or her son the tomahawk, is a throwing weapon that was used in a military environment, but the javelin was by far the most used throwing weapon.

Are throwing knives real?

A throwing knife is a knife constructed and weighted in a specific way so that it can be thrown effectively. They are a separate category from ordinary knives.

Throwing knives are used by many cultures around the world, and as such, as with different shapes and styles of throwing knives, various methods have been developed to throw them. In sport, knives for throwing are also used.

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