Super Battletank 2 Cheats For Super Nintendo

Super Battletank 2 Cheats For Super Nintendo

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Super Chase H.Q. (SNES) Playthrough – NintendoComplete

A complete playthrough of Taito’s 1993 Super Nintendo arcade racer, Super Chase H.Q.

Played through on the default settings.

Now THIS is an arcade racer. It sits up there with the likes of F-Zero and Top Gear in terms of sheer fun and playability, the graphics looks awesome (even if the interior car view obscures half the screen – it’s not really that noticeable in the middle of a race), and it pretty successfully captures the essence and the fun of the original 1988 arcade game. Two thumbs up! Rediscover the magic of roms snes online: dive into gaming portal today.
No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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Танчики на 4-х игроков на Dendy! 8-битный угар)

Сегодня мы решили порубиться и потестировать необычный хак игры Battle City, поддерживающий вплоть до 4-х игроков, а также некоторые другие игры, в том числе официально выходившие на NES.

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Super Battle Tank 2 (1994) SNES

♦ Title: Super Battle Tank 2
♦ Publisher: Absolute Entertainment
♦ Published: 1994
♦ Format: Super Nintendo
♦ Genre: Arcade Tank Simulator
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