Why are bench made knives so expensive?

One of the most distinctive knife manufacturing companies that are based in Oregon City is Bench made. Though, knives are not the only thing distinctive about them. They offer many other products that are suitable for various purposes ranging from military, law enforcement to sports and martial arts as well. They are one of the best and most expensive high-end top quality knives manufacturers. You might find yourself wondering if benchmade knives are worth it considering how expensive they are.

However, to understand that you need to understand all the price determining factors.

Why are bench made knives so expensive?

Manufacturing and Assembling:

The first and the foremost reason that makes these knives worth a lot are the assembling and manufacturing facilities. The machines required for such high firms that mass produce their products are obviously going to be over the top. The mass production obviously can’t be done manually and so it requires equipment laced with high technology to work automatically. For purchasing such efficient machinery, the company obviously needs a large amount of investment. Even then, not all functionality can be handled by machinery. Some of the manufacturing processes do require active workers like for example grinding, assembling etc. With that being said, one can imagine the huge amounts of investments being made both on machinery and workers.

Not just that, the machinery that they use is not that simple either. They have actually made a lot of progress in the utilization of art of technology. The powerful laser cutting machines with high efficiency and accuracy are unmatched to any other cutting machinery. They are literally one of the top worldwide leaders when it comes to the automated knife manufacturing machines. Obviously, the investment in all this technology does show up in the final cost of the product.

As for the assembling, no doubt the labor cost fluctuates in different areas so the factory location impacts the wage of the laborers. Since benchmade changed many areas in order to meet up to the demands of people, the labor wage also adds in depending upon the area. The current epicenter of Benchmade is in Clackamas, Oregon.

Quality and Functionality:

When it comes to benchmade quality and functionality, both are unmatched. It’s not just about opening, cutting and closing. Benchmade also focuses on unique concepts, designs and functionality. These functionalities are tested multiple times before they are released to public. These considerations also involve the use of mechanism and mechanics of motion. Therefore, these designs involve the ease of use and reliability.

The five mechanisms offered by Benchmade are

  • Balisong/ fan knife/ butterfly knife
  • Fixed blade
  • Automatic opening
  • Assisted opening
  • Manual opening

All of the aforementioned mechanisms serve a purpose and that purpose may be the reason of difference between the buyers of the knives with different mechanism. For instance fixed blade may be more appropriate for a sportsman while on the other hand an assisted blade may be more useful to a hiker or a mountain climber. So, the choice of mechanism also makes it more unique and open to choices. In addition, Benchmade also offer blade styles for example a blade with larger radius for hunting.

All this designing as well as testing costs them a fortune which is why the most expensive bench made knives are a proof of a lot of research and investment of both time and money.

High quality Material

The high quality raw material is also one of the reasons why bench knives are so expensive. Benchmade puts a lot of effort into utilizing a huge variety of modern raw material. This is what makes these knives so superior in characteristics. They invest a lot of money while designing high quality cutting tools to manufacture high quality knives. This raw quality has always been their priority. The knife blade is normally made of steel which is premium quality steel that goes through many heat treatments making the steel one of the main reasons of the expensiveness.

Four characteristics are kept in consideration while manufacturing from the raw material

  1. Toughness and resistance to fracture
  2. Corrosion resistance
  3. Material strength
  4. Edge Retention

All these characteristics require the assurance of using top quality material to create a sophisticated blade. This also makes the knife quite expensive.

Brand Recognition

Another one of the cost determining factors is how influential and recognized the brand is. An unknown brand may not be able to get the same price as a known one even if the product value is the same. Benchmade is known for its reliability and fame, so there’s no surprise that their product charges a high amount for quality knife.

Besides, people love spending upon brands. The brand identity is one of the highest selling points for them and undoubtedly it is also one of the causes for high prices of these branded knives.

Of course, this also took them a lot of time and effort. No company becomes a famous brand overnight. The high quality and trust that they’ve built with their customers is also a huge reason for their demand. Benchmade quality is superior and classy and therefore it only makes sense that you have to pay higher for it.

Benchmade and Spyderco

Benchmade and Spyderco are both known for producing high quality knives. These companies stand as elites despite their differences between them. These are not just knives with different brand names on them. These are two entirely different works of art created by different artists.

The main differences between the two companies are as follows;

Spyderco has a variety in budget options while on the other hand Benchmade retains its high pricing.

Spyderco offers more variety ranging from special to daily basis simple knives while on the other hand Benchmade bends towards the premium options

Spyderco prioritizes the use of latest technology for manufacturing while Benchmade prioritizes the use of best high-quality steal.

The change in design and functionality is significant between Spyderco and Benchmade. While on the surface the product might appear similar but there’s a massive difference between the intended usage and the design.

Both Spyderco and Benchmade use distinct designs for their knives. These designs further have distinct functionalities and depending upon those functionalities they have different uses.

Lastly, both companies come with a different ergonomic shape and feel of their knife. The comfort of holding these knives deeply impacts it buyers. Therefore they keep the shapes distinct yet comfortable in their own ways.

Benchmade Griptillian

One of the most expensive Benchmade knife is Benchmade Griptillian. It is an all round classical EDC knife. It has 3 ½” blade with a grippable handle and and axis lock. It is pretty light weight which makes it a perfect outing companion. It’s basically a full size model compared to its newer counterparts. The blades are also available in four style including plain edge/coated finish, plain edge/satin finish, serrated edge/coated finish, or serrated edge/satin finish. The prices ranges may fluctuate depending upon the steel that is used in the product.

It’s one of the knives that both hunters and vets can use alike. Though, it lacks a fine scalpel blade but it’s perfect with deep cuts as well.

The price range is simply a proof of how this knife is one of the top quality knives.

Benchmade 940

Benchmade 940 was founded as back as 1988 and it is one of the strongest sellers of Benchmade.  It’s built with 3.4” modified reverse tanto blade and blade thickness 0.114”. It also has a 0.4” thick, and the knife has an overall length of 7.87”. The handle of the knife is deployed while is why it can easily be stowed in your pocket when closed. The lightweight adds to its charm. Benchmade 940’s blade is constructed using S30V premium stainless steel which is the best steal there is. Its edge also holds on really well. Moreover the handle of this knife is anodized 6061-T6 aluminum. There are also stainless steel liners and a purple anodized titanium backspacer.  This knife is nothing but a true work of art. Other than that, the anodized aluminum handles also have a good grip making it easier to hold the knife. The knife stands for its expensiveness considering the usage of material.

Benchmade Bailout Folding Knife

Another lightweight master piece is Benchmade Bailout Foldind knife which not just slim but also sharp enough to pierce through. This particular knife is a good design for tactical self defense. The CPM-3V stainless steel along with dual thumb studs makes it a comfortable blade to hold in hand.  The grip scales having partial steel liner are nested to provide maximum strength to the blasé when it’s locked. The reversible steel pocket clip carries out this knife into a tip up positions where the aluminum lanyard slot on the pommel offers an attachment point.

Now you know why bench knives are so expensive. From top to bottom this particular brand is laden with quality. The designs and research that is done on the knives of these brands is simply praise worthy. Moreover this is a brand of fame of recognition so there’s no wonder that it’s a tad bit expensive. Conclusively, it’s not just the brand fame that makes Benchmade knives so expensive but also the top quality material that is used by processing these knives through top quality machinery that makes it an expensive choice. Nevertheless, the brand serves its purpose and is reliable throughout the years making it a remarkable choice.

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